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our founder: marian 'mandy' goetze

In 1979 Marian E. Goetze – ‘Mandy’ joined with 19 women who had formed business networks in ten cities around the US to discuss whether there would be value in sharing ideas, programs, information, successes and problems. They were the founders of the National Alliance of Professional and Executive Women’s Networks, which opened its doors in 1980. This was one of the first networking groups for bringing women around the country (with their local networks) together, to support each other and provide their collective knowledge to make something bigger and better.

Over the years, with changes and additions, that group is now TIAW and Mandy stayed on in a hands-on position (Executive Director or Executive Vice-President) for over 20 years. Even after leaving the day-to-day activities of the organisation, she has stayed active and a strong, vocal supporter to this day. She has been a personal mentor to hundreds of women who have served on the TIAW Board over the decades. She remains a mentor and an exemplar of business success and community service to which we aspire.

Mandy was ahead of her time, both in vision and willingness to give time, thought and monetary support to other women.

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TIAW (The International Alliance for Women) is a charitable foundation. TIAW is unrelated to and not the same organization as IAW (International Alliance of Women Equal Rights - Equal Opportunities).

TIAW is organized as a 501(c)3 foundation in the USA.

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