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27 Jul 2014 3:00 AM | Anonymous

As a woman entrepreneur, one of my real pleasures is connecting, sharing and doing business with fellow women business owners and leaders. Every day, I see women economically, socially and politically challenged to achieve the same success and validation that comes so easily to many of our male counterparts. Creativity has proven critical in meeting those challenges. Alone, few of us can single-handedly solve or address everything, but by connecting with peers in organizations such as TIAW, integrating efforts and sharing ideas always leads to considerable creativity. An extra benefit of becoming focused on solution is the quick diminution of focusing on the problem.

Many people tell me that they are not blessed with an ounce of creativity, and I wonder how they face problems. For leaders, there is no choice. We all get stymied from time to time. When this happens to me, I like to choose a card from Roger von Oech’s Creative Whack Pack, happily a new app available for your smartphone. Here’s a few of my favorite cards:

  • Take a whack at it. Get started. It ‘s as easy as listing three to five things you can do to test your idea and then acting on your list. A decision made is not at all the same thing as action taken.
  • Borrow ideas. Did you know that Cubist art was the inspiration for WWII camouflage patterns? Ideas that work successfully in one application can usually be adapted to other ones.
  • Get out of your box. The card lists the quote of journalist Robert Weider, who said “Anyone can look for fashion in a boutique or history in a museum. The creative explorer looks for history in a hardware store and fashion in an airport.”
  • Trust Yourself. The best ideas don’t always belong to someone else. Think about the experience we’ve probably shared of keeping quiet and hearing someone else say what we had been thinking and only wished we’d said first!
  • Do something to it. This is the way I do things all the time. Transform one thing into another by adding a little, subtracting a little, changing a little. Either you’ll wind up with a great new product or stimulate another idea entirely.

Creativity matters. Use yours to inspire yourself and those you lead.

Lisa Kaiser Hickey

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