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2020 August Newsletter

19 Aug 2020 12:39 AM | Anonymous

In this month’s newsletter I am pleased to announce that we have made donations from TIAW’s microfinance funds to FINCA’s female entrepreneur program. We are confident that this will enable budding entrepreneurs to begin their entrepreneurial journey. The loan will allow these women to not only generate money for resources to support their business but to also ensure financial security for their families. TIAW has for many years been a vehicle to empower women and this year in particular, aiding and supporting women less fortunate than ourselves is vital to ensure the improvement of the quality of life for so many people on this small planet of ours. To make more of these donations a reality, it is important for many of our loyal supporters to donate money, so please either become a member of TIAW, or donate to our website to help us continue to help these women. https://www.tiaw.org/donate

This month, we chose to donate our money to FINCA for their initiative to fund an Emergency Fund which is described as follows:

 “To combat the threat that COVID-19 poses to the lives and livelihoods of the extremely vulnerable populations that FINCA serves, we launched the FINCA Emergency Response Fund. The Fund will provide emergency relief to low-income communities and bridge support to early-stage social enterprises affected by the coronavirus pandemic as well as open FINCA’s financial system for disaster response cash transfers.”

FINCA Afghanistan’s women-only branch was featured in an article in a leading UK publication, The Telegraph, on how female economic empowerment will be crucial in Afghanistan’s recovery from the global COVID-19 pandemic.

TIAW’s funding has been donated to FINCA with the request to specifically target female entrepreneurs. Next month our plan is to use CUFA to reach women in the Asia Pacific region. More information to follow. Our aim is to make the impact as wide as possible.

This month, our WOD (Women of Difference) judges will begin the task of reviewing the nominations. I want to thank the nominators for their support in recognising those who have so diligently made a commitment to empower women. With so many nominations received, the judges will have a difficult task ahead of them. The results will be announced and celebrated at a virtual awards ceremony to be held on the 3rd October 2020. More information will be made available to everyone in September. I look forward to sharing our virtual celebration to honour our recipients.

This year is the 40th year of the founding of TIAW, a great milestone for any organisation and one which should be celebrated as an enormous achievement by many passionate and enthusiastic individuals. Amongst the supporters of TIAW and its board, there is a total commitment in ensuring that TIAW remains as vital as the day it was first established.

Diane Tompson

President TIAW

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