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26 Oct 2020 9:37 PM | Anonymous

Due to the untiring work of the board of TIAW, at 40 years old, TIAW remains one of the leading, global charitable foundations dedicated to the economic empowerment and advancement of women all over the globe.

There was no doubt that two years ago when I first inherited the role of President, that TIAW needed a complete change of operations and imperatives. It is my pleasure to announce that TIAW has been restored to its former vision of empowering women and now it is time for me to hand over the leadership to my successor and in true TIAW tradition, it will be my pleasure to support the new President in her role. Before I do however, I would like to take a moment of reflection on the work that has been done over the past 2 years by our team of exceptional women, who have accepted every challenge presented to them with a tenacious ability to get things done when it was needed.

Collectively we have:

  1. Restored the Awards programs and Forums. Last year we held the first forum and awards ceremony since 2016. This year we celebrated our 40th Anniversary with a Virtual Ceremony, view in the Awards/Global Forums section of our website, https://tiaw.org/global-forum
  2. Improved governance at Board level. Reviving various committees with the Committees and Executive Board meeting monthly.
  3. Increased Board participation including more diversity and an international focus.
  4. Reinvigorated the Past Presidents Committee (formerly the PIAC committee, reformed as the TAG committee {The TIAW Advisory Group},
  5. Compiled a strategic plan to give us the necessary modelling which would be needed to keep progressing improvements and initiatives.
  6. Improved the communication with our stake holders which was restored as a matter of priority, including the development of a new website and monthly newsletters.
  7. Engaged strategically on social media to assist in communicating to a new audience and spreading our positive messages to communities across the globe.
  8. Restored and increased our Association members.
  9. Revitalised micro finance, the signature program of TIAW. In doing so we have discovered an organisation who manages funds in the Asia Pacific region and have finally been able to make good a promise made to our patron Amanda Ellis, to fund the economic empowerment of women in the Asia/Pacific region. We have signed new MOUs with both FINCA and CUFA.
  10. Restored the Cherie Blair Foundation Partnership to move forward, we an updated Mentoring program.
  11. Simplified the operational side of the organisation.         
I would like to thank the Board of 2019-2020. All board members have elected to stay on the executive board for 2020-2021, which will offer stability and a continuation of our strategic plan, thereby ensuring the ongoing success of the organisation.

To the wonderful supporters of TIAW I say to you, watch this space, because we are about to accomplish even more remarkable feats, we need you as our support network. You too can help TIAW by donating to the micro finance program, joining TIAW as a member or in a practical contribution by offering us a helping hand.

I am confident that our new President Donna Meredith will be able to build on the success of the past two years and as you read her Bio, you will agree with me that the next two years of TIAW will be very fruitful and exciting.

Donna Meredith

Managing Director, Keystone Corporate Positioning

Principal, Interaction Associates Australasia

Donna Meredith is Managing Director of award-winning consultancy Keystone Corporate Positioning and leads Interaction Associates’ Australasian operations. Prior to co-founding Keystone in 1997, Donna held senior management positions in several commercial divisions of Qantas.

She is a specialist in branding, marketing, strategic change management, human resource management, facilitation, organisational design and culture, and developing the capability of leaders at all levels. For the past 23 years, Donna has designed and delivered high-stakes facilitation services, strategic planning, marketing and brand positioning strategies, HR and IR support, leadership development programs, communication strategies, sponsorship strategies and cultural change programs in Australia and internationally.

In 2011, she became Principal of Interaction Associates’ Australasian operations. Interaction Associates, headquartered in Boston, USA is a learning and development company with a 50-year record of success in teaching practical, sustainable models for leading and enabling teams. Interaction Associates tools and models are based in a deep understanding of group dynamics, and in the specific behaviours that allow leaders to enable their people and enhance their involvement.

Diane Tompson

Honorary Past President

The International Alliance for Women

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TIAW (The International Alliance for Women) is a charitable foundation. TIAW is unrelated to and not the same organization as IAW (International Alliance of Women Equal Rights - Equal Opportunities).

TIAW is organized as a 501(c)3 foundation in the USA.

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